17 October 2014


I call this series of images; Oliver in respite. His naps are few and far between but when he crashes he crashes hard. And then it takes a rather herculean effort to rouse him and get him outside to run around at the park. So when I go in to get him up I have been snapping these pictures just because he always looks so sweet and small when he sleeps. I love him in his big boy bed with his Avengers sheets and about a million books stuffed under the pillows, I love the handsome, bull headed boy he is turning into who plays hard and yet still loves to cuddle. How sweet it is, even on the stubborn, exhausting days. 

10 October 2014


Wow, sorry I have been lagging on the blog front. I have a couple of posts sitting, waiting to be finished in my draft file. But I do like to try to stay somewhat on top of the 52 project because in a sense, time is of the essence. 

Can you believe how many Cars Oliver has? It is crazy, I know. But he (and I) know all of the names. An impressive feat if you ask me. I am going to do my best to get back on the blog band wagon but we are dealing with a lot of change over here. Most noticeably at the moment is the fact that Oliver has stopped napping in the afternoon. Now I know I should not complain seeing as I have an almost four year old who still napped until last week. But it is still a shock to our schedule. Naps were when I blog, prep dinner, and perhaps read a chapter in a book. It was a nice time in our day and frankly Oliver has been a mess come dinner time. Last night, he was sobbing over his chicken, saying that the only thing that would help was sleep. So yeah it's been interesting. Oh and to add insult to injury, he woke up way too early this morning which was just oh so thoughtful of him!

library dates. we read about a million books each time we go. it's great. 

superhero on the scooter 

the negative space of toddler art work.

practicing his balance.

01 October 2014


and just so I can be all caught up with the 52 project here is Oliver at the Boston Children's Museum from Monday way up high in the climbing structure. He loves this thing and he even has a spot at the top where he lounges which he calls "his couch". fearless, this one.


This picture just about sums up how I feel, in need of a good nap (although Oliver is faux-napping here).  This post is going to be a medley of pictures from before and during our jaunt down to DC. So read on and catch up!

DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

This post has been in my draft box for more than week. Heck Oliver and I have been to DC and back but we had such a lovely morning that I still wanted to share it. We have been having some epic fall weather, you know the kind you wish you could bottle up and open in February? (although I must admit today is grey and rainy) So on such a gorgeous day we struck out to the DeCordova Sculpture and Museum to wander the grounds and explore. I actually have been meaning to bring Oliver here since we moved back but it just kept getting moved to the side. Well, silly me! We had a ball exploring the outdoor sculpture park and Oliver was engaged while I dorked out a bit explaining some of the various in and outs of the works, I guess he is used to me rambling when it comes to art!

Click through to see a bunch of pictures.

19 September 2014

Link it: Project Wild Thing

Since I've been feeling a bit under the weather with the first cold of the season (yay, back to school germs) I have been taking Oliver to school then coming home taking Luna (our dog) for a walk and then settling in with a cup of Tazo Refresh Mint tea (my fave) and either reading or popping on the telly. I love documentaries. I love all types of documentaries. Historical. Social. Science and Nature. All of it. So I tend to try to browse through the documentary section of Netflix when I have the time to watch a program all for myself. And the documentary that I found to watch was interesting enough to share here called, Project Wild Thing.

The basic premise of the documentary is about a normal Dad from London, David Bond who appoints himself as the Marketing Director of Mother Nature because he sees that his children are watching too much telly and are not playing outside as much as they should. Bond goes to various marketing gurus and creates a lovely manifesto that implores people of all ages to go outside and explore and embrace their childhood:
"The Wild Network exists to champion and support connection with nature and 
wildness in children and young people.
The Wild Network mission is to support children, parents and guardians 
of children to roam free, play wild and connect with nature.
We believe all children should have the right to access the outdoors for play, 
learning, expression and development of healthy mind and body.
We encourage, provoke, nudge, support, innovate and campaign for children, 
kids and young folk to get up and outside."

Even though we live in the city we do try to get Oliver outside as much as possible. We go to our neighbohood park daily (weather permitting) and we go hiking in the surrounding reservations and we also go to Drumlin Farm to see animals but we still do exist in our daily life in a city setting and I do hope that Oliver can foster a love and respect for Mother Nature. I hope that we as parents can remember to let go a bit and embrace the saying coined by Lady Allen of Hurtwood a landscape architect; "Better a broken bone than a broken spirit."

17 September 2014


Now that Oliver is back at school and loving playing with all of his friends we decided why not rock the boat a wee bit more and move him from his toddler bed into a bigger bed and by bigger I mean we put him into a full bed! He loves it and got to pick out sheets at Target. He went with the Avengers so he now rests with Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man, not too bad for a 3 1/2 year old! The first night I went in after he was asleep to peek on him an oh my did he look so small in that big bed but he is loving it and it has made his room look much more spacious. So now he can get on with playing Dr. Oliver and taking care of his fuzzy friends, maybe even he will learn to play upstairs on his own for more than two minutes before he desperately needs me for something, anything

waiting for lunch. (with a sweet before?!) 

watching the trucks.