30 July 2014


I cannot believe that we are already at 30 weeks in this 52 week project. Oliver is growing and changing all the time it seems. Things that Oliver loves currently are: books; he always has a bundle of them in his bed, going for walks (usually trying to procure a doughnut), recently telling me is favourite thing to do is "playing super hard". He is such a sweet boy with a bit of a dictatorial streak and he like to be the leader with games and struggles at times with the construct of loosing so has decided that most things end in a tie. Silly bug. 

25 July 2014

Link it: Mortified Nation

Oh my God, do you want to laugh until you pee your pants?! Then hop on Netflix and look up Mortified Nation where people read and perform their diary entries. It is amazing and hilarious and it makes me want to dig out my old diaries. There is something to be said in this digital age about the ephemeral quality of a good old paper journal. Seriously, watch it. Amazing stuff.

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24 July 2014


back to life...back to reality. that is always how it feels after a trip. there is laundry to be done, food to be restocked but if you are lucky then you get to go to a free outdoor concert with neighborhood friends and run up and down gigantic hills until you collapse on the grass. not a bad summer day.  click through to see some more pictures.

22 July 2014

5 miles up...5 miles down.

This past long weekend was the 10th anniversary of a wonderful hiking trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee which Matthew, Oliver and I have had the pleasure of participating in three times. Well ok Oliver twice, once in utero and once as a toddler. It truly is such a joy to be able to reconnect with great friends, share stories and laugh harder than I have in months. So below you will find a bundle of pictures documenting our time there. It was worth every step up and down that mountain...

click through to see all about our adventure.

17 July 2014

love it: good for a belly laugh

ok so we all know and love Maddie the coonhound aka Maddie on things. That loveable sweet doggy who must be the most patient dog on this Earth.  She stands on things and wears things that no other dog will. I love the random, idiosyncratic feel of the site and it is always good for a giggle. So let me introduce you to, Will it Beard! A guy with and impressive beard and he sticks all kinds of things in it, on it and videos some of them! I spent way too much of Oliver's nap time yesterday going through all of the images and seriously laughing out loud. truly amazing stuff in my book. I mean just scroll down and check out the Lego beard, what?!

I'm obsessed and I have added it to my Instagram feed. I highly recommend you do the same. 

all images via Will it Beard

16 July 2014


can you believe how much older he looks with his new haircut? i cannot get over it. he looks so handsome and he looks so mature. it really is amazing how a haircut can transform your baby into a mini man. 
I'm still mourning the loss of my pictures and I am slowly rebuilding my arsenal of images.
buddies at the park. we are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with a fabulous park and have so many friends within a walking distance. 

14 July 2014

Make it: a backup of a backup of a backup...

you know that saying, you don't know how good it is until it's gone? well that is how I feel today. my phone has been acting funny. quitting apps, hanging up phone calls, generally being lethargic.

but when the phone would not even turn on, I took it into the Apple store. they looked at it. plugged it in. got it to start and then said that yes, it was acting quite odd and they were not sure how to fix it. ahhh! the Genius Bar folks were stumped. not a good sign.

So they took my sad little phone into the back and decided that they only way to fix what ailed it was to wipe it clean. Restart the whole system and not keep anything. ok, sounds simple enough but then they told me that I would not be able to get my pictures off because the problem lies in the software.


so I have the whole iCloud thing but that did not cover all  of them. there were some lovely recipe pictures and adorable family pictures on other applications that could not be saved. oh my. so the sad bit is that I lost some, ok a lot of pictures.

but it has spurred my on to try and get as many pictures as I can off of the magical Cloud and my phone and my computer and print them. I want to keep them gosh darn it and I had gotten lazy thinking that I could just do it another day or week. but you never know when your phone or computer will just decide to quit and even if you have a backup you may loose something that you will miss.

I guess the good thing is that they fixed my phone. and wow, is it sad how disconnected I felt without a phone in my pocket. now that is perhaps something to work on as well, on another day.

ps. how cute is Oliver, intently staring at his faux iPhone, it is a mini chalkboard and the earbuds are erasers but he shoved them in his ears, silly bug.