07 October 2015


My boys in black and white. We have been taking advantage of some warm fall days and heading out for hikes at the Middlesex Fells Reservation.  On our most recent excursion we headed up to the water tower where we saw a hawk circling and got a lovely view of the city. Oliver then proceeded to jump from rock to rock to rock and then pretend to be a tiger for the remainder of the walk back to the car.  

rock jumper. 


01 October 2015

Whole 30...complete!

Done! Success! Matt and I celebrated by going for bagels at Bagelsaurus. Let me tell you a delightfully soft pretzel bagel with housemade mustard butter has never tasted more amazing! All in all the Whole 30 was a good experience. Both Matt and I lost a few pounds and I feel like I gained a bit more energy throughout the day but nothing earth shattering. I do think it was a good reboot for my system and I also will be curious to see how I feel about the more sweet items that I can actually eat and not just stare at like a sad puppy when I'm at the coffee shop.


Two half nakey boys. Oliver on one last Walden Pond excursion on an unexpectedly warm day. We walked about halfway around and then he asked if he could go swimming. Well I did not have his swim trunks so I just stripped him down to his Captain America undies and in he went! He thought he had struck gold and had a ball splashing around and throwing rocks. Nakey boy #2. Isn't is always the way that you take your kid to the doctor they get sick so you have to take them back to the doctor?! Huck had his 4 month appointment and then a mere 5 days later he was back with a "developing" ear infection. Oh well, at least he is cute.   

my little naturalist. "The world is but a canvas to our imagination." - Thoreau 

first solids! ah, I cannot believe we are even starting this process. Huck maybe thought the idea was neat but in practice he does not like the mouth feel of blitzed up oatmeal, yet. 

me and my boys. 

28 September 2015


running behind on my weekly photos but we have been busy with colds and school and school holidays...in general I have been feeling a bit scrambled. 

Huck had his 4 month appointment so here are his stats:
weight: 16lbs 10.5oz (68%)
height: 26.75" (94%)
head circumference: 44.5 cm (98%)

ps...I am a mama to TWO boys. 

16 September 2015


After a nice walk with a lovely friend, full of refreshing and honest conversation I got to thinking of authenticity. I am a mom and that is my job. I have other interests, of course! But for right now that is a large part of what defines me. I struggle with that notion sometimes and I feel like I should be doing more. I get sucked in the land of Pinterest or I read other blogs and I think, well they seem to have the time to do such and such with their kids and keep their house sparkly clean. And I know that I too can come across on this space like all is well and we had an awesome week. Which may be true to some degree but I also have laundry taunting me upstairs that I am choosing to ignore and my oldest son is still hugging Huck too close, and Huck is seeming to drop hours of sleep rather than add to them.

So where is all of this rambling heading. I'm not entirely sure but I felt it fitting to say that picture above of Oliver, that is the face I usually sit across from at the dinner table. Cute. Sort of. Frustrating. Yes. Mealtimes with Oliver have always been a bit of a battle but he has been throwing off attitude and my fuse has been getting shorter and shorter. I feel like I have turned into the "no" lady around here and I sure do hope that we can navigate our way out of the fourteen year old behaviour soon.

And while we are at it, why has Huck taken to screaming in the car? Now part of the problem is that he decides he is either hungry or has a poop while in the car....thanks buddy. But honestly, being trapped in a vehicle with a screaming child is terrible, I do not recommend it.

Well, now this post seems to have turned into a bit of a whine fest which was not my intention but I felt it necessary to say that the images you see on here may not include the whole story. I may decide that cropping out that pile of laundry next to Huck is best (gosh, I really like to rant about laundry) or out of the 10 pictures I take of Oliver there are two where he is not throwing me shade or sticking out his tongue. I am trying. And working, yes raising babies is a lot of work. And I am building up my group of people in my life to help and that is a good thing.

15 September 2015

Whole 30...1/2 way

                                             jalapeno turkey burgers+avocado+sweet potato fries

Ok folks, we are at the halfway mark for the Whole30 and I have to say I've gotten into a groove. I have had to do a bit more meal planning but other than that is has not been too much of a change once we got over the hump of no dairy, in fact I may stick with the almond milk for my smoothies as I quite like the consistency and neutral flavor.  I was chatting with my friend, Caroline this morning and I said that really the only thing I miss at this point is a truly crunchy item. Not carrot crunchy. Not lettuce crisp. But a truly crunchy item like the Sun Chips that I packed in Oliver's lunch yesterday! So we may be looking forward to having real tacos in a couple weeks but we definitely have picked up some good eating habits and easy ways to cut some of the sugar out of our diets on a regular basis.

frozen banana+fresh strawberries+almond milk+almond butter

ground beef taco meat+guacamole+bell pepper+romaine lettuce 
                 chicken fingers coated in homemade almond flour+sweet potato fries+broccoli 

meatloaf+homemade "ketchup"+aspargras

 onion, swiss chard and sausage fritatta+avocado

                                                       eggs+avocado+nitrate-free bacon

12 September 2015

Back to School. 2015

First day of Junior Kindergarten. 2015 

And he's off! We had a very excited bug ready to go to school this year. So ready in fact that he was bound and determined to, in the weeks leading up to school turn into a 14 year old complete with eye rolls and sass. This type of attitude made it so that his parents were counting down the days too! Honestly, Oliver has been giving us a run for it lately but I am hopeful with the start of school and routine and friends that his sweet demeanor will make a return. The only person that Oliver is not frustrated with is his brother, Huck...see photo below. Oliver loves him. A. LOT. which is amazing but the line between smother and love is one that we talk about often. Also reminding him that although Huck is small and seemingly bendy that actually bending his feet or hands in the wrong direction is not nice and will make his cry every time.  So off he goes...ready to tackle new things at school, the most exciting of which Oliver will inform you is that he gets to go to gym class this year! Big deal, guys, seriously. I am very proud of my big boy and I cannot wait to see all that he learns this year. 

my TWO babies. too cute.

ready to rock this. 

my après school pickup buddy.